What are gods,  what is god?

There's lots of gods.   There's been even more in the past.  

You get some ridiculous numbers.  320,000,000 you can find - arrived at apparently because of something within the Hindu religion texts.  But those same texts also say there is only one god.

 Another person claimed there was a different god for every single person - making what is it now - 7 billion of us?

 And smaller numbers are arrived at by counting up all the gods found mentioned in ancient Greek and Latin texts, ancient Egypt, Babylonia, whatever...   anywhere and everywhere in history where people have believed in an prayed to gods.   Just a few hundred of them, I guess.

And then there's the 'one god' such as in the Abrahamic religions:  Christianity,  Judaism and Islam.

        That's the notion of a god that is all powerful.  Totally. Is the beginning and the end.  Is everything.  Is so much that there's no room, nothing left over for anything else, any other god.

So there's lots of gods or a few gods or only one god.   It seems to depend upon how you define 'god'.

                              Define god.

Mostly god goes without definition in the general world,  amongst the population.  Both amongst 'believers' and 'non-believers'.   Neither bother much about defining the god they're talking about.  Don't find it necessary.