Got to say what you believe if you're a church, don't you?

That's what they're all about.   What they believe.

That's how we tell the difference between them.   One believes this and the other believes that.

One believes this and the other believes this, too, but with a slightly different twist.

And so on....

Well what do we believe?

We believe all of that is simply 'belief' - not Knowledge. 

'Faith' they sometimes call it.  'You have to have faith.'   'This tests your faith.'   And so on.

There's no secret that churches reside on 'faith',  not knowledge.  They boast of it,  they insist upon it.  They measure people by how much faith they have.  Only the 'greatest' have the greatest faith.  And so on.

So what do we believe?

We believe in that which can be proven.

We believe in facts. 

Our ONLY 'faith' is in reproducible facts, in evidence, in truth, in reason, in 1 + 1 = 2.   See?  That sort of stuff.

That's all we believe in.   That's all.

And that's where we get our GOD from.   Like this:

Something began it all,  everything, reality, the cosmos, the universe, the everything began somewhere somehow or somehow was always there and - wait for it - this is it "We Don't Know How Or What Or Where Or Why Or When.

We just don't know.  And we're sure no one else does, either.

But that beginning, that creation,  that starting point or that somehow 'always there' is what we call 'GOD'.

That something at the beginning is/was GOD.

Now that's our GOD.  And that's our belief. 

The Source, the Origin, the First Cause,  The Prime Mover....   call it what you will, different churches, different philosophies call it different things.   We call it 'god.  It is our god.   That's our god,  right there.

O.K. ?   That's where we start.  That's where we are at.