What's it matter....

if there's a god or not.....  if I don't live forever..   ?

Well it matters because you do live.
And if you want to play with words you live forever.
Because when you die for you all dies if you don't live on.
Doesn't it?
As far as you are concerned it is all gone.
The whole universe.
All the worlds.
The whole of reality.

Without you in it there's nothing,
it doesn't exist.

It exists for you,
you exist for it.
Together you live.
Together you die.
You are one.

You will never know a reality
without you.

If you don't survive death you'll never know it.
You will never know life without you in it.

So your life is everything.
A great thing.
It lasts as long as the universe.

The presence or not of a god in that life
is a thing of some importance
some significance.

Isn't it?  If you want to be fair dink.