To be fair dink about it.....

There's only one god most of the western world gives a damn about.  And I don't mean money.
It is the Abrahamic god.
The god of  the Jews first,  then the Christians and then Islam.

That's the one everyone wants to hear about when they first start turning their attention to 'god'.

That's the one everyone means when they say  'do you believe in god?'

That's the one everyone means when they say  'I don't believe in god.'

So what's that god?

It is the god of heaven and hell isn't it?
Less and less we believe in hell.  It becomes more and more the god of heaven, doesn't it?

Believing in that god means we believe in heaven.  That's what we're on about.
We believe we'll live after death and we'll go to heaven.
And we believe all our family and friends willl be there, too.

Those that don't believe will typically say, unasked, that they believe after death: nothing.

i.e. the sum the whole thing up for us right there and then, condensing it to its very core:
                                     Life after death or not?

That's what belief in god or not really means all around the world, today.

It means do you believe in life after death?

And the rock bottom truth is that life after death has not been demonstrated for all our trying, wishing, hoping, believing.
Given proof of life after death belief in god would suddenly reach saturation - even if the life after death was reported as having
no evidence of any supreme being whatever.

It wouldn't matter.
Because no one really gives a damn about is there a god.
What they care about is:  will I live after death?

That's what's at the bottom of the whole thing.

And it cannot be proven not to be possible.

While ever we do not know the origin and nature of consciousness - which is life itself as near as we can get -
then we can't rule out consciousness persisting beyond the death of the body.

Which is a long, long way from saying consciousness can persist as a discrete knowledge of self thing with  some abilities
that give it a semblance of the nature of a human 'thing'.    A long way indeed.

But still and all,  given you were a consciousness when you were alive, if now you're dead  your consciousness has not now totally vanished,
then there's some kind of life after death.  That is some kind of  life after death.
The rational person would admit that. If persistence of consciousness were ever demonstrated in the absence of the body..
Which it never has been.
But we simply can't rule out that perhaps it could be, some time.

So that's the answer to the question people are really asking:  Is there life after death?  Answer:  We don't know.

And there's an end on that until further notice.

And it doesn't answer the question:  Is there a god?

If anyone wants to know.
And very few do.

After swallowing the answer to life after death even fewer would care to know about the existence or otherwise of god.

If they are not going to live on then what's it matter, they say, they think, they feel, all hopes shattered.