About Bible Bashers…

Bible bashers, so called, essentially spend all their time reading bibles and writings about the bible and attending meetings all about the bible and about writings and speeches about the bible.

Their basic contention is that you’ll never ‘get to heaven’ if you don’t ‘obey’ the bible,  that you’ll never ‘know god’ unless you ‘know’ and ‘obey’ the bible and so on.

I ran across this.  I think it explains what really is the case:

About ‘bible thumpers’, ‘bible bashers’ all that stuff:

It is like bicycle riding. Now bicycle riding is a good thing. Healthy, enjoyable, gets you places.

No one disputes that.

So good is it that there’s a market for books about it. Things about it. Speeches, talks, seminars about it. Govt policies about it.

So we get experts on every aspect of it. Some know all about the pedals, some know all about the wheels, some know all about the seats or the handlebars.

Or gears.

Or add on panniers and saddle bags.

Or even trailers to pull behind a bicycle.

And there are those who can talk for hours about how best to paint a bicycle – preparation, undercoats, overcoats, number of coats, colours, enamel or whatever.

And physical educationalists who can discourse learnedly about how best to sit: what posture to adopt, how to use the legs, whether to stoop over the bars or what.

How to breathe when doing it.

Nobody rides a bike better than a child.

And a child know none of the above.

What’s important is the riding. The riding is, in fact: ALL.

Following the path of god consciousness which is the path of truth which is the path of love is the same: it needs to be done.

Reading all the books in the world. Writing all the books in the world. Are as nothing compared to the doing.

Who does it best? A child. Following the path of love. Be as a little child.

Gurus Everywhere…

I just made a post about ‘It’s All Good’ and I mentioned that you quite often hear the phrase from the most ordinary people in the most ordinary circumstances.

I think it is interesting to consider that those people may not be simply parroting something they’ve heard,  may not be sarcastically commenting on events, but may actually be expressing a realisation they’ve come to.

Perhaps they’ve had NDE experiences and had it revealed to them.

Perhaps they figured it out.

Perhaps they were born some kind of guru with elevated ‘spiritual knowledge’.

Whatever.   The point is there may be a real enlightened one standing right next to you at any time.  They don’t all walk around in bedsheets you know.

And in that context I’d like to reiterate – I think/hope I’ve iterated it – that here is no enlightened guru.  Here is a statement of the current beliefs of a wonderer and a wanderer and a venue for others to engage in discussion and exposition of such beliefs.

That’s what the ‘fairdinkchurch’ is.  A statement of what we currently find to be real,  ‘fairdink’.


It Is All Good…

You often hear that: ‘It’s all good’.  Often just muttered in passing by someone apropos of some little thing or almost nothing.

That’s at the ordinary ‘mundane’ level of life isn’t it?

And then at the ‘other end’ where they get all arcane and highly technical and super intelligent and knowing they say pretty much that same thing.

For they say that All is God and All if Proceeding according to God’s Design and stuff like that:  So: All is good.

I say it. We say it.  In the ‘fairdinkchurch’.  We say, like the NDE people, that we come to earth voluntarily to inhabit a human body in order to learn something and somehow improve ourselves – our ‘selves’ being a spirit self or something, not this human body which changes all the time and eventually gets shuffled off.

So there’s people everywhere saying it up to and including right here.

But just what does it mean?  How much do we take it in?

Like it’s pretty easy to adopt the attitude that ‘It’s all good’ along with ‘if only other people would realise it’.  See?

I think that’s the commonest way. It is for me.  I think ‘It’s all good but this one doesn’t know it or that one doesn’t know and this, that and the other is bad..’

But I’m wrong aren’t I?  It is ALL good is the postulate.  People are doing what is more or less foreordained and overall it IS  ALL good. ALL.

So:  It is all good but that bloke is behaving in a shocking and bad manner.

Well: that’s GOOD.  Because it is ‘ALL GOOD’.  It really is.

And that’s not the same as saying we should accept his shocking behaviour, endorse it, mimic it,  meet it with something even more shocking is it?

We see this clearly enough with little kids.  We see them in kindy or child care or wherever and all sorts of behaviours are manifest, all sorts of ‘bad’ things happen but we look at it all and decide ‘It’s all good’.  Nothing to get excited about.  To be expected, we say, we think.  That’s overall all to the good in a bunch of children interacting. It all has to happen. There has to be some tension and some differences demanding adjustments here and there.

So little Michael bopped Mary on the head with a plastic toy and that’s BAD.

So we stop him doing it.  But overall it’s GOOD.  The children’s interactions are GOOD for they’re learning.  We can now teach Michael and Mary learned something.  See?

Well of course exactly the same should apply in the adult world.  The same does apply.

So what’s the point of that?

Well it can take the drama and excess unnecessary pain and such out of things.  You feel very little drama and pain when dealing with the children in the pre-school.  But when dealing with your peers in the adult world you can feel a lot of pain and drama.

Even when dealing with your own children.

That pain and drama makes the whole thing more difficult.  If we could take it away it would get easier just as it is easy to deal with the pre-school incidents it would become easy to deal with the adult incidents.  Or easier, anyway.

Mainly what I’m saying is that whatever happens whilst it may be inarguably awful and bad in itself it doesn’t change the fact that overall ALL Is Good!  It’s all good.

We allow, sometimes, I think, a local incident that is not good change our overall apprehension of the world so’s we wander around basically with a cast of mind that ‘It is not all good’.

Like ‘It was All Good until you came along.’

Or ‘It was All Good Until the Roof Fell In’.

But really it remains All Good.

Hard to believe, eh?


I find it hard to read my own posts !

Words… words…. words….

Going on forever……  grey and tedious…..

Stop the meandering talk and just tell it:

All is god.  God is love.  You/we are all part of god.

We are beings of simple energy essentially – just as the whole physical world is  comprised simply of energy, really.

And we choose to incarnate on this physical plane for the sake of the experience and what we learn.

That’s all there is to it.




A Bit of Truth Here

A bit of Fair Dink Truth here is that there never was a medical emergency,  that if there had been this would not have been the way to deal with it, quite the contrary and that now there IS an emergency and it is the epidemic of govt malfeasance everywhere.

Now in the spirit of the ‘one true god’ – i.e. ‘love’ and honesty, truth, we have to say that.  It needs to be said.

As it needs to be said that forcing little children to have injections is not a free, honest, true, sensible thing to do, either.

But it has been the norm for a long time now, right here in Australia.

We don’t think of it that way because we are so accustomed to belief entirely that vaccinations are necessary and good and without risk.

Those three things.

But the honest truth is that many times they are not ‘necessary’, that’s even if we assume they work and so on – but there’s just no present danger.

And they’re not necessarily ‘good’.  They always carry a risk and sometimes that risk gets so bad that historically vaccines have been withdrawn and banned and millions and millions of dollars have been paid out in compensation even where there’s govt laws preventing suing the pharmaceutical industry itself – govt has had to be sued and they’ve been sued and successfully and they’ve admitted the vaccine did the damage and they’ve paid.  Millions, again and again.

So it’s quite clear and simple: they’re not always ‘good’.

And, as said, not without risk.

Now the same can be said for this mask thing.  Entirely.

And it is said very well and clearly here in this newsletter from the Canadian Covid Care Alliance, an excellent site,  excellent newsletters, well worth getting onto:


Time For A Sermon

A church should have sermons, eh?  I suppose.

So here’s one:  I was thinking recently how ordinary everything was.  Considering I’m privy to this earth shattering truth, you know? That God IS.  And that God is Love.  And that Life goes on after death.

And everything..

There’s people spend their whole lives trying to figure out those answers.

There’s people go into endless raptures about having figured them out.

There’s whole religions formed with millions of adherents just on the strength of one person having ‘figured it out’ or having been ‘enlightened’ and so on.

It’s a big deal.

But here am I and live is ordinary.

And I thought of all those NDE people who are the people I believe have really been there and seen it and experienced it, touched it,  and come back with first hand truth to tell us.

And I remember many of them report living lives that are less than transcendentally  wonderful day by day.

So I was thinking – yep, why not?  Why should there be any dramatic changes when you realise what the truth is?

I mean, this was always the truth.  The world IS the true world. The TRUTH itself has always been.  God is omnipresent ALWAYS if you like.

Just because we wake up to the truth doesn’t change anything at all, does it?

I mean it’s nothing new.  We’ve been told for centuries the same old story from every corner of the globe.

Finally we learn that it is true and then: so what?  Nothing is different.  You still inhabit a human body and must attend to its needs, food and shelter and pursuit of whatever track it is on.

It’s this recent fashion for running around saying ‘I’ve found Jesus’ and so on and professing life is so wonderful and blissful and ‘Isn’t God marvellous’ and so on that colours our thinking, changes our expectations, I think.

For them it seems to work like that.

But I see no reason why it has to.  Why we should expect it to work like that for  u.

I know the truth.  I walk amongst a crowd and see an individual.  He doesn’t know the truth. Life all around us is just so.  Then he suddenly understands the truth.  What difference?  None. Life all around us remains exactly the same.

Sure it makes a difference and we can easily claim it is an enormous difference. Yep.  But it doesn’t at all necessarily make a difference such that all your days are blissfully happy.


How about this lady. I think she’s been there.  Seen the truth.  Met the truth. Known the truth.  How’s her life been since then:




Nice to have good memories isn’t it?

Well that’s what we should be doing on a daily basis: making good memories.

i.e. have the presence of mind at any time to think ‘I will look back on this moment with pleasure’  and in that instant change it – if it needs changing – into a pleasurable occasion, moment.

I mean assume you’re dead.  It’s the afterlife. There you are looking back on your life.

Explaining to god and/or yourself (and all attendant beings, whatever) what you’ve done all your life, how it’s been, what/how you’ve been.

Well you’d want it to come out full of loving stuff, wouldn’t you?  Not a bleak, black history.  But quite the opposite.

Well a good start on that would be if here and now you took the trouble each day, each minute, each event, each happening that you happened to think of it – to ‘set it up’ so’s you’ll be able to look back on it from that position in ‘heaven’, in the afterlife,  with some pleasure, some pride maybe, at least not with discomfort and shame.

That’s what I mean.


God Doesn’t Allow What He Hates

Some say that: ‘God sometimes allows what he hates to accomplish what he loves’

This is not right.

God is not some sort of backroom umpire going around the world allowing and disallowing different offensive, hurtful, awful, disgraceful, disgusting torments, agonies and tortures on the basis of which will ‘accomplish what he loves’.

That’s a horrible picture. Demeaning of a child’s comic book god never mind a real deity,  The Deity,  our God.

It seems God allows us to separate ourselves from God – which doesn’t make him real happy but he allows it – and come to earth to entangle ourselves in matter, in the material world, in order that we might satisfy our own desires, in our own way, with our own free will.

That is:  God allows us to go our own way.

In his material world.

And once we’ve done that whatever happens is a product of only God’s immutable laws and our own wishes.

The laws remain the same for all of us at all times.

Pain and suffering are a necessary consequence, an inevitable concomitant of the material world.

Sensation is pain.  The molecules, the atoms the whole structure provides sensation to us via a mechanism that makes pain.  The mechanism that enables us to feel our surroundings is the same mechanism that makes for pain.

It’s not ‘why does God allow pain?’ Pain is an integral part of the physical world and we know that before we choose to come here.

So it is more a question of ‘why do we choose pain?’

Then there’s the injustice. What people do to each other.

That, too, is an inevitable consequence.  This time an inevitable consequence of free will.

We cannot have free will without injustice for wills will inevitably come into conflict and many conflicts will be resolved unfairly because of the concatenation of factors that come into play.

But if God is to grant free will then it has to be 100% free.  Else nothing works.  It becomes a farce.  Like a movie that keeps coming to a stop,  where actors freeze in place,  where certain things can not be done and without any apparent reason for it…  and so on.

Pain and injustice.  These the things that it is presumed ‘God hates’ but allows in order….. etc.

But it’s not that God allows these things.

It is that these things are inevitable concomitants of a material world on the one hand and free will on the other.


It’s a bit of a downer…

I’ve been thinking. Two things.

  1. I mix up my writing a lot. Talk about what the church thinks, believes and so on and talk about what I think, believe and so on. Should make it clear that ‘the church’ is me.

Only me. We are one and the same. I created it and ‘belong’ to it simply as a result of thinking about the god thing. I think I made that pretty clear in the first few posts when I was talking about very beginner things. Following my own train of thought.

And in the finish I got a point where I was pretty clear to myself at least as to what I believed about ‘god’ and therefore about ‘church’ being as they are pretty much the same thing, aren’t they?

So that’s that. That’s how come there’s a church: thefairdinkchurch and how come I belong to it and how come there’s only me belongs to it.

2. It’s a downer.

Well not really a downer. In fact very much not. But compared to the exuberance and outgoing bright enthusiasm of your typical convert or fervent disciple of the ‘normal’ christian churches one feels quite flat, quite ‘down’. This one anyway. Me.

Because it is quite a sobering thing, really, to perceive the truth I/we perceive. The ‘we’ there refers to the NDE people who report god is this radiant love energy thing. They share my belief or perhaps it’s better to say I share theirs. Either way it is shared. There is a ‘we’.

Well once it is accepted and known then far from being intoxicated all the time once has to face the fact that one is here on earth of our volition, our own desire and with a task to do which is quite simple and definite and at the same time immensely difficult and vague, indefinite.

For we are here, it seems, to improve our souls, our own being, by helping others.

So you know what you’ve got to do clearly enough. But how to do it? Not easy. Think about it.

And then you get introspective. Apparently, you hear from the NDE folks or from yourself if you are one, that you’ll get complete recall of everything you’ve ever done and all the bad little things you did to people, all your nastinesses and meannesses are going to come back to your mind and haunt you.

More than that – you’re going to experience them yourself, as done to you ! Just like it says somewhere in the bible I think – judge not that ye be not judged for with what judgement you judge ye shall be judged and that kind of stuff.

So that makes you think about what a stumbling fumbling mere mortal you’ve been.

And so on. The point I’m trying to make is that it’s real enough alright. Very real. And it makes living here into something more like a job with responsibility than we’ve been perhaps used to.

Can be quite sobering.

You’ve Got To Have A Meeting Place.

You’ve got to have a meeting place, I think. To meet your god. God.

Lots of people think that. All religions have meeting places to meet their gods, usually in groups but many also talk of meeting their god one to to one.

And I think that’s right. You’ve, we’ve, all got to have a place to meet our god.

And our god being “love”, Love itself, then that means we have to have a place to meet love. Meet ‘Love’. And what’s that? Well for sure love is happy, isn’t it? We’ve got to have a place to meet happiness.

Meeting our god is meeting happiness and love.

We need a place, we each and all need a place to meet happiness and love. To meet our god: happiness and love.

The point being that so often we seem to have some fixed ideas that are perhaps wrong or not very helpful:

. That to ‘meet god’ you have to go sit in some unusual environment at a certain time and wait for ‘the event’ to begin.

. That to ‘meet god’ you need an intermediary who oversees the whole operation.

. That you ‘meet god’ only when in organised ‘meetings’ like that, with numbers of other people.

. That there should be a ‘proper’ odour of ‘sanctity’, a proper measure of decorum, proper rituals to be performed.

. That having ‘met’ god there need have been no special feeling or experience observed – one has done what was expected, been where meant to be, said what asked to say, sung what asked to sing, stood, knelt, sat, when asked and now turned out again into the world – ‘that’s that’ and that’s all to it.

No. I think not.

Walk alone in the country and observe a hill, a tree, a bush, or simply meditate, and feel happy and feel love for what you see, what you experience, and you’ve met, are meeting, your god.

A direct experience. An immediate experience.

See your child sleeping and feel love in you heart – a common experience, I think – and there you are, meeting god.

God is the love. God is the happiness. God, as we know, is everywhere, imbuing all things, omnipresent, ubiquitous but generally not ‘experienced’ by us as we go about our daily affairs.

But as you stand contemplating your child with love that’s when the total immersion in god that is the truth, your truth and everyone’s truth, is actually felt by you.