God Doesn’t Allow What He Hates

Some say that: ‘God sometimes allows what he hates to accomplish what he loves’

This is not right.

God is not some sort of backroom umpire going around the world allowing and disallowing different offensive, hurtful, awful, disgraceful, disgusting torments, agonies and tortures on the basis of which will ‘accomplish what he loves’.

That’s a horrible picture. Demeaning of a child’s comic book god never mind a real deity,  The Deity,  our God.

It seems God allows us to separate ourselves from God – which doesn’t make him real happy but he allows it – and come to earth to entangle ourselves in matter, in the material world, in order that we might satisfy our own desires, in our own way, with our own free will.

That is:  God allows us to go our own way.

In his material world.

And once we’ve done that whatever happens is a product of only God’s immutable laws and our own wishes.

The laws remain the same for all of us at all times.

Pain and suffering are a necessary consequence, an inevitable concomitant of the material world.

Sensation is pain.  The molecules, the atoms the whole structure provides sensation to us via a mechanism that makes pain.  The mechanism that enables us to feel our surroundings is the same mechanism that makes for pain.

It’s not ‘why does God allow pain?’ Pain is an integral part of the physical world and we know that before we choose to come here.

So it is more a question of ‘why do we choose pain?’

Then there’s the injustice. What people do to each other.

That, too, is an inevitable consequence.  This time an inevitable consequence of free will.

We cannot have free will without injustice for wills will inevitably come into conflict and many conflicts will be resolved unfairly because of the concatenation of factors that come into play.

But if God is to grant free will then it has to be 100% free.  Else nothing works.  It becomes a farce.  Like a movie that keeps coming to a stop,  where actors freeze in place,  where certain things can not be done and without any apparent reason for it…  and so on.

Pain and injustice.  These the things that it is presumed ‘God hates’ but allows in order….. etc.

But it’s not that God allows these things.

It is that these things are inevitable concomitants of a material world on the one hand and free will on the other.


It’s a bit of a downer…

I’ve been thinking. Two things.

  1. I mix up my writing a lot. Talk about what the church thinks, believes and so on and talk about what I think, believe and so on. Should make it clear that ‘the church’ is me.

Only me. We are one and the same. I created it and ‘belong’ to it simply as a result of thinking about the god thing. I think I made that pretty clear in the first few posts when I was talking about very beginner things. Following my own train of thought.

And in the finish I got a point where I was pretty clear to myself at least as to what I believed about ‘god’ and therefore about ‘church’ being as they are pretty much the same thing, aren’t they?

So that’s that. That’s how come there’s a church: thefairdinkchurch and how come I belong to it and how come there’s only me belongs to it.

2. It’s a downer.

Well not really a downer. In fact very much not. But compared to the exuberance and outgoing bright enthusiasm of your typical convert or fervent disciple of the ‘normal’ christian churches one feels quite flat, quite ‘down’. This one anyway. Me.

Because it is quite a sobering thing, really, to perceive the truth I/we perceive. The ‘we’ there refers to the NDE people who report god is this radiant love energy thing. They share my belief or perhaps it’s better to say I share theirs. Either way it is shared. There is a ‘we’.

Well once it is accepted and known then far from being intoxicated all the time once has to face the fact that one is here on earth of our volition, our own desire and with a task to do which is quite simple and definite and at the same time immensely difficult and vague, indefinite.

For we are here, it seems, to improve our souls, our own being, by helping others.

So you know what you’ve got to do clearly enough. But how to do it? Not easy. Think about it.

And then you get introspective. Apparently, you hear from the NDE folks or from yourself if you are one, that you’ll get complete recall of everything you’ve ever done and all the bad little things you did to people, all your nastinesses and meannesses are going to come back to your mind and haunt you.

More than that – you’re going to experience them yourself, as done to you ! Just like it says somewhere in the bible I think – judge not that ye be not judged for with what judgement you judge ye shall be judged and that kind of stuff.

So that makes you think about what a stumbling fumbling mere mortal you’ve been.

And so on. The point I’m trying to make is that it’s real enough alright. Very real. And it makes living here into something more like a job with responsibility than we’ve been perhaps used to.

Can be quite sobering.

You’ve Got To Have A Meeting Place.

You’ve got to have a meeting place, I think. To meet your god. God.

Lots of people think that. All religions have meeting places to meet their gods, usually in groups but many also talk of meeting their god one to to one.

And I think that’s right. You’ve, we’ve, all got to have a place to meet our god.

And our god being “love”, Love itself, then that means we have to have a place to meet love. Meet ‘Love’. And what’s that? Well for sure love is happy, isn’t it? We’ve got to have a place to meet happiness.

Meeting our god is meeting happiness and love.

We need a place, we each and all need a place to meet happiness and love. To meet our god: happiness and love.

The point being that so often we seem to have some fixed ideas that are perhaps wrong or not very helpful:

. That to ‘meet god’ you have to go sit in some unusual environment at a certain time and wait for ‘the event’ to begin.

. That to ‘meet god’ you need an intermediary who oversees the whole operation.

. That you ‘meet god’ only when in organised ‘meetings’ like that, with numbers of other people.

. That there should be a ‘proper’ odour of ‘sanctity’, a proper measure of decorum, proper rituals to be performed.

. That having ‘met’ god there need have been no special feeling or experience observed – one has done what was expected, been where meant to be, said what asked to say, sung what asked to sing, stood, knelt, sat, when asked and now turned out again into the world – ‘that’s that’ and that’s all to it.

No. I think not.

Walk alone in the country and observe a hill, a tree, a bush, or simply meditate, and feel happy and feel love for what you see, what you experience, and you’ve met, are meeting, your god.

A direct experience. An immediate experience.

See your child sleeping and feel love in you heart – a common experience, I think – and there you are, meeting god.

God is the love. God is the happiness. God, as we know, is everywhere, imbuing all things, omnipresent, ubiquitous but generally not ‘experienced’ by us as we go about our daily affairs.

But as you stand contemplating your child with love that’s when the total immersion in god that is the truth, your truth and everyone’s truth, is actually felt by you.

So What Does the FairDinkChurch Believe Now?

After that post about NDE and reincarnation I perhaps should make a declaration of an amendment to ‘our’ (the fairdinkchurch – i.e., mainly, ‘me’) thinking, our belief, our ‘faith’.

Well it now incorporates NDE and reincarnation.

The Fairdinkchurch now firmly believes on the basis of anecdotal evidence that the nature of reality is such that we are spiritual beings – i.e. made of ‘spirit’, whatever that is, rather than flesh and blood – and we live on eternally and we come from that ‘spirit world’ to inhabit these human bodies and we return there after leaving these bodies: after death.

That is: the nature of ‘all that is, all that was, all that will be… etc’ , our definition of ‘god’ is ‘Spirit’.

What we did in the Fairdink church was construct an idea of ‘god’ from simple reasoning, common sense reasoning. That was the idea. Just looking at reality as we see it and human beings as we know them.

And we came up with the idea that we need a ‘god’ , as human beings, for it stands in for our direct perception that we’re surrounded by a reality we don’t understand, that we didn’t make and that we have our ‘fates’ as we make our several and joint ways through it. Fates that we often didn’t and don’t choose: so what did? what does?

God. Throughout the ages: ‘God’, or ‘Gods’.

We saw that we could consider throughout the ages people have called all that they don’t understand about reality: god, or a whole collection of gods.

It is a human social and individual necessity. It seems.

Which is alright in the beginning but then gets all screwed up by having people set themselves up as having special knowledge of that god or gods and telling everyone that they must behave in this or that way in order to please those gods.

And still to this day that’s the major problem in the world. Human problem.

People pretending to knowledge they don’t have, can’t have as we see it, and pushing other people around on the basis of it.

Leading to enormous suffering.

Churches. Religions. It’s all about Churches and Religions.

That original idea: that all we don’t understand, that reality itself, that where we came from and where we’re going, that the endless past and the endless future, that the purpose of it all – is God – is fine.

But the end of it: hundreds of different religions and thousands, millions of pretended experts and overseers directing the fates of hundreds of millions of simple ‘believers’ is horrible in the extreme.

All these churches, all these gods, all these pretenders.

Where is, was, will be, the truth? What really to believe?

Well we decided we would believe only that which is demonstrably true. And we wouldn’t go around pretending to be people with a special knowledge of god that enabled us to tell other people what to do and to set them at odds with each other – killing each other over our stories..

So we ‘invented’ our own God.

We started from scratch. Ignored all writings and speeches and stories about who/what god is and decided for ourselves who/what god is.

If there’s a god.

Now there’s a starting place. There’s people all over the world arguing over whether there is a god or not. Killing each other over it.

Well remember we saw that humanity seems to have a need for a word for all that is – the whole immense incomprehensibility of reality.

Seems to need a ‘god’ to ‘be’ all that. To explain.

So that’ll do for a starting place. We would have a god that truly exists

We defined God as ‘all that exists’ – past, present and future.

Just like we surmised the earliest people might have done.

And we worked from there. Putting it all in modern terms, in light of what we know in these modern times.

And that’s about all that’s currently up there on the web site for fairdinkchurch.com. A bald statement that our god is that.

Well now we can go a bit further and ‘flesh it out’ a bit.

And say more – that the nature of ‘all that is’ is ‘love’. Is an ‘energy’ as described in those NDE that permeates all time and space. And that energy is all, is god, is love and – wait for it – is you! Me! All of us!

We can and do still say that our god is all that is. Still. We still say that. But now we know of other people who say the same thing. The NDE people.

There always were people who said it: the ‘pantheists’ who say that god is in everything, everywhere, something like that.

We know about the pantheists and chose not to describe ourselves as pantheists. Chose not to ‘join’ the church of pantheism if there is one.

Why? Because ‘isms’ are full of this and that, instructions for what you must and must not do and say. Of what is and what isn’t right, correct, good and bad.

and so on. If you belong to an ‘ism’ then people figure they know who and what you are. They’ll tell you what you think that you didn’t know you think – that actually you don’t think, hadn’t though of, but they’ll say that’s what you think because you are a member of that ‘ism’, that ‘ist’ – methodist, islamist, deism, theism, communism, whatever… it goes on and on.

It’s called categorisation. Having categories and fitting people into them.

That’s not where we want to be at all.

We want to decide for ourselves what is and what isn’t. We want to have a god we can believe in and know is true.

We have that. Our god is everything that is. So that’s true.

And we don’t want to pretend to knowing what we don’t know or having qualities or properties that we don’t have.

So instead of our ‘ism’ – when, if, it gets turned into an ‘ism’ – having a whole mass of known things, definitions that will automatically apply to anyone who joins our ‘ism’ – our ‘ism’ says that we don’t know everything, hardly know anything and are always in the process of discovering more, of changing our minds inasmuch as we are discovering more.

So if you are part of ‘fairdinkchurchism’ about all that can be said about you is that you believe, you stipulate, that god is everything. And that’s it. No more.

That we chose to have everything be our god.

That there is nothing that is not god.

Well that’s where we started.

And that’s where we still are. But now we have NDE anecdotes saying the same thing.

All is god. Even you and I. They say. So many of them. They come back from their NDE’s and say that, say they learned that, experienced that.

We are not, apparently, as they would have it, not just part of god as part of an animal or a machine is a part only and no more – a car wheel is not a motor – a toe is not a brain – but we are a part of god that at the same time is ALL of god! Like a motor car wheel being a whole car at the same time. Or a toe being a whole person.

Like any part of a hologram contains the whole picture.

Or potentially. Potentially all. That seems to be the heart of the matter.

Well we’ve got some idea of things like that: holograms maybe, stem cells maybe, fractal images maybe. We’ve got some idea.

And it seems our ‘job’ is to come into full realisation of what we are so that we can truly be a ‘whole’ part of the whole. Like being backward members of the team I guess.

And we’re pretty backward alright, aren’t we?

Well not really. We can look at this world and see untold horror in it almost everywhere. Makes us look totally backward.

But I guess we shouldn’t forget that there’s millions of totally excellent human beings all over this world doing a really incredible job of helping and loving and so on…. doing the right thing..

In fact really that’s the majority. Human beings, decent human beings, trying to be decent human beings and find some happiness and give their children, their families, some happiness.

That’s the majority.

But it’s easy to forget that when we look at the terrible history of wars and murders etc. When we look at the injustice and horrors of the world today.

But they’re both true: the majority is good. Good is everywhere. Love is everywhere and it is spreading. Winning. And bad still exists in far too many places and situations.

So, yep, it’s a real thing. Come down from heaven, from the spiritual world and inhabit a frail, fallible, carnal human body and try to practice love – the unconditional love that apparently exists in ‘heaven’.

It takes some doing. But there’s a clear need.

So it’s all very real.

Near Death Experiences, Love, Truth..

What is it really all about..

check out NDE (near death experiences) and Child Reincarnation vids on youtube and you could well become convinced that we are all really just eternal spirits having a life on earth involved in matter for some reason – generally said to be educational, to learn something for ourselves.

Seems pretty certain. Then if you look a little more you’ll maybe see that while everyone seems to have the same overall things happen to them they seem to tell the story of it in their own religious terms, if they have a religion. And the more they have a religion the more kinda ‘freaky’ or peculiar to themselves their telling gets.

If they have a religion – or something similar, some idea of the supernatural, the ‘spirit world’, the afterlife, the whatever, if it is a strong enough thing in their mind the the more they will people their recollection of their NDE experience with characters or ideas from it. From their own ‘faith’, though when you go over their accounts no on in their account actually claims to be this or that person or for this or that thing.

Well that’s not quite true. Since writing that I’ve found accounts where some have reported talking to entities that have said they are this or that, this person or that person, this god or that god.

But that is very unusual.

And it is balanced by the number of accounts where they tell the experiencer that the nature of reality is something different.

They just all actually seem to have an experience of feeling enormous unconditional love, of having all knowledge instantly available to them, of being able to contact at any time anyone they’ve ever known and of being on earth to do something which they have to go back and do.

They come back and tell that story in their own particular way which seems very much to be their own interpretation of it rather than a simple recounting of it.

So that’s where I’m at these days: I see all religions as attempts to explain the truth to people by analogy, by metaphor etc and from, by, people who themselves have had NDE’s and are reincarnates with patchy recall and so on.

A very, very difficult job Never underestimate just how difficult it can be to teach human beings things. Look at two major religions today: Islam and Christianity and see how they perform when practiced by their adherents.

Apparently in places like northern syria you can be stopped and asked what religion you belong to and if you give the wrong answer you are killed immediately. Now what has that got to do with the truth of reality? of human life? of good action, good behaviour, sanity, reason, sense?

Those obviously insane murderers firmly believe themselves to be acting in accord with the wishes of their god.

That’s how hard it is. that’s how crazy people can get.

So it is not hard for me to believe that simply trying to tell people what life is ‘really like’ – i.e. ‘on the other side’ or ‘in heaven’ or ‘after death’ or ‘in a previous life’ has led to this mishmash of weird beliefs and cults and superstitions and mystic writings etc., etc…

None of which is necessary at all. None. None of those religions, none of those writings, none of the preaching.

According to common sense and according to what we hear from these NDE people and those reincarnations that remember enough to tell us anything the whole thing boils down to simply: Love.

You are/we are in reality loved unconditionally by reality itself (creation, the creator, god, whatever…). We are apparently totally loved no matter what. The whole of everything is in fact love.

So love. Simple as that.

Too hard? Can’t go around kissing everyone. Certainly can’t go around having intercourse with everyone. How to do it? See? It already begins to shade off into weird, wordy explanations tending towards ‘books’ and bibles.. Now we have to have a book of instruction.. it all begins…

But not necessary. Let’s not do it.

Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you is enough.

That’s how to love. In practical ordinary real world terms.

As simple and easy as that.

All else is sheer and utter unnecessary bullshit.

Now if that’s not good news I don’t know what is.


Can We Pray To Our God ?

Well sure. Of course. Anyone can pray to anything at any time.

What such a questioner would really mean would be something like: ‘Do we believe in the FairDinkChurch that praying to our God would be of any use, would be sensible?’

Well yes. It’s a proven thing that prayer helps lots of people.

That doesn’t explain what prayer is.

Or why/how it helps them.

It just means what it says: that lots of people have reported that the ‘prayed’ and then help came.

Or more often that they prayed and felt better immediately.

And that’s right. And common sense. And understandable.

If you pray for something then you’ll feel you’ve done something to help bring it about.

So you ‘ll feel that much more empowered rather than powerless and ineffectual.

This in itself can cause a change in yourself that makes a change in the environment in which you’re praying – which might be enough to bring about the change you want!

Simple example: praying for success in an exam. You’re all uptight, you pray, you feel better, you pe rform better.

No worries. Pray your heart out if it helps you and be sure that there will very probably be at the very least the placebo effect.

So as long as you don’t expect too much it’s kinda win-win.

It Is Rude and Silly To Destroy A God

Just been listening to a radio thing where I think someone was telling the story of how they made their way out of some sort of strongly religious community to the outside world.

Something like maybe the Mormons or something.

And they got to recounting how hard it all was with their immediate family.  Because when they got ‘out’  they got out of believing that faith, too.

Problems in particular with her father.

And you can well imagine it. We can, can’t we?

You can’t tell anyone they’ve always been wrong about anything, really, can you?  Without some strain, some trouble, some resistance, even outrage, anger…

But to tell them they’re wrong about their god !

The hardest thing.

I don’t know what happened in that case but it is probably that they just told the father that his god simply didn’t exist.

That’s the commonest thing.  Total disbelief in god.

But why?

What’s the point?  Where’s the need?

Why do you have to tell anyone else ‘god doesn’t exist’ ?

How would you know?

You don’t know what they mean by ‘god’, probably.  Very probably.

So how can you say it doesn’t exist?

To him.  Or to anyone.

And why?  To hurt them?  To disappoint them?


Better to say that you don’t agree with their understanding of the nature of ‘god’.

Much better.

Especially if you say it ( in your own mind) like that:  ‘ I don’t agree with your understanding of the nature of ‘god’ ‘  That is, with ‘god’ in quotation marks.

You are meaning the word that gets applied to this that and the other. They’ll doubtless think you mean ‘god’ the thing.

The thing they think they have expertise on, knowledge about, etc.


The point being that ‘god’ – the word – exists and even ‘exists’ where it doesn’t exist.

I mean there are places that don’t have religions, I think.

Places where there’s no belief in supernatural beings. Certainly no belief in a supernatural being comprising wholly of love etc., etc.  etc…  and who caused this and that to happen and demands this and that ritual…

You know?

There’s places where all that kind of thing is unknown.

But even there there’s recognition, of necessity, of the ‘other’ that exists outside the self, outside the family, outside the tribe, outside even of reason perhaps and so on…

The ‘something else’  that all this came from or belongs to or is going into…

All of that’s ‘god’ to those who use the word and it’s therefore still god even where the word is not  used.

Why deny that?

It is a fundamentally useful concept.  Recognition. Cognition.  Knowledge. Perception.


I’m Still Struggling….

I’m still struggling to find out how to change this blog format to something I’d like.

This is a new release of WordPress and I’m not familiar with it and there are some things I’m not keen on.  Like those bands that scroll across the screen when you first come here….

I’m just beginning to get some idea of what I should/could do with them and how to do it.



First Post To New Blog.

This blog isn’t even online yet.  I’m just setting it up.

Learning how to set it up.

As soon as it seems halfway okay I’ll put it online and from then onwards I’ll post thoughts I have about this fairdinkchurch thing on it as they occur to me – and I find the time.

And it should be possible for anyone who wants to do so to add their comments.   They’ll probably have to register first in order to avoid being spammed to death but after first registering then future times they’d only need to log in.