A Church of Truth

A  Church that tries to tell only what is factual, verifiable truth.

For and of those who're sick of
the nonsense of churches and religions  generally.

What We Believe: read it here.

Still feel an interest? - a curiosity?
Some questions and thoughts about them at these links:

Why Have A Church At All?

First perhaps  we need to figure out if we ought to have a church at all:

What is a church?
Do we need/want one?

Why Have God At All?

Perhaps we need to figure out if we ought to have a god at all:

What is a God?
Do we need/want one?

Can We Be Fair Dink ?

And here is a link to the Fairdinkchurch Blog.
That's where all the 'sermons' and such are kept.
Open to all members and in fact anyone to participate, put in their own thoughts on the whole thing.  God and Churches and Truth.

A Link To A Blog All About The FairDinkChurch

The Fairdink Church was established  3 April 2018.
Pastor:  B Tonsville.